Meet our Team

Meet the specialists of SARIN & TAO FAMILY MEDICAL CLINIC, INC. We are dedicated to providing quality care for our Patients.

Dr. Vincent V. Soun

Family Physician Board Certified

• PAP Smear
• Trigger Point Injections
• IV Hydration
• Basic Wound Care & Sutures
• Ear Lavages
• Testosterone Replacement Therapy
• Basic Pain Medication Injection
• Antibiotic Injection
• Vitamin B12 Injection

• Comprehensive Medical Examination
• Comprehensive Diabetes Management
• Covid-19 Testing Site
• Covid-19 Vaccination Site
• Yearly Flu Vaccination (September - April)
• Immigration Medical Examination
• Laboratory Services/Blood Draws
• DOT/OMV Medical Examination
• Botox Cosmetic Injection
• Sports Physical
• Medicare Home Visit
• Comprehensive Vaccination Program for Children & Adults
• FamilyPACT

Dr. Vincent V. Soun

Family Physician Board Certified

Cheyenne Tatesure

Certified Medical Assistant

Denisse Bracamontes

Patient Registrar

Raquel Lopez

Collection Department

Olivier Hernandez

Medical Translation, Office Cleaner